Company Profile:
For many years PLANART has been serving raised floors and fire-protection & extinguishing which are the unrenouncible elements of modern buildings. For the protection of telecommunication, data processing, central automation system control and laboratory rooms the installation of fire alarm and gas extinguishing systems is one of the PLANART’s main areas of activity. Our another main production area is suspended ceilings, which are made of aluminium and galvanized steel. These ceilings provides infinite creativity freedom with diffrent size and color options. With hidden or visible cariers, cartidge or linear options, these ceilings provides maximum fire protection and acoustic performance. Raised floor technology is the best way of distribution and concealment of the cables in the locations where huge piles of cable connections have to be used. PLANART is known as a leader of raised floors in Turkey with the delivered works that are expressed in hundred thousands of square meters. The company has 100 % Turkish capital which is supported by Uyar Group.

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Established Date: 1993  Tax Office: Halkalı  Tax Number: 7300041806  Staff Count: 0-5  Export Specialist: Elif ÇELİK